Abandoned Cart

You have something that your customer was interested in buying. Don’t let them forget about it! iGlobal Stores’ cross-border abandoned cart feature allows you to send delayed emails to international customers who were in your checkout, giving you an opportunity to recover the order with a link to their cart and the option to offer them a discount.

Abandoned Cart For Cross-Border

Save time and marketing dollars with our no-brainer, hands-off, cross-border abandoned cart feature. Reconnect with customers that have reached your international checkout but didn’t complete their order with an automated email containing a list of what they had in their cart, a button to complete their purchase, and, if you choose, you can entice them by offering a discount. Discounts can be applied to the cart total or on shipping only.

Why use iGlobal Stores’ Abandoned Cart

Unlike any other abandoned cart recovery product, iGlobal Stores’ abandoned cart recovery is developed for cross-border.

Increase Conversion with Cart Recovery

iGlobal Stores’ merchants that turn on the abandoned cart feature typically see a 3-5% increase in sales when no discount is offered and an amazing 8-10% increase when offering a discount. When your customer clicks the link in the email they receive, they will be taken to their original cart with all of their info pre-populated for them, making it easy to checkout and complete their order.

iGlobal Stores’ abandoned cart was built for cross-border. The ability for you to offer a discount on shipping is a win, with shipping costs being the number one concern of international shoppers. All emails are translated to the language of your shopper and totals/item amounts are displayed in the shoppers local currency, helping them feel confident in their purchase decision.

How It Works

iGlobal Stores cart recovery emails are delayed by your choice of hours; our default setting is 4 hours after a cart is abandoned. Our standard email template, adds your logo to the top of a clean, simple email. Customizations are available upon request.

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Getting setup

To turn on abandoned cart emails, you will need to reach out to your account rep, or our support team with the following details:

  1. Do you want to apply a discount?
  2. If yes, what percent off do you want to offer and should it be off of the cart total or shipping?
  3. How many hours after the cart is abandoned should the recovery email be sent?

Note: You will need to have an email address verified through AWS for iGlobal Stores to send out abandoned cart emails on your behalf.

iGlobal Stores Recommends

Try offering a shipping discount to your customer to increase the likelihood that they will return and purchase items initially left in their cart.