iGlobal Stores does not offer consolidation or shipping services. Instead, the iGlobal Stores Checkout and iGlobal Stores API provide you the cross-border eCommerce connections to any carrier you wish to utilize. Since you own your logistics, it requires you to have a direct relationship and account with the shipping couriers of your choice.

Decoding International Shipping Carriers

There are a lot of different companies that provide international shipping services. iGlobal Stores is carrier agnostic and multi-carrier; depending on your cross-border strategy, you may use one, two or even ten.

International Shipping Companies

The list of our most supported international shipping companies is below. If you are not using a carrier listed below, contact us or you can use the custom rates to build any carrier profile you like. In-country fulfillment and shipping calculations from additional countries are supported as well as kilos for countries using the metric system.

International Express Shippers

Depending on the destination, UPS, FedEx, and DHL are integrated carriers. Other providers may offer express services, but an actual integrator utilizes and owns its trucks, equipment, and aircraft from pickup to delivery.

International Parcel Mail

Mail and international consolidators are commonly used services offering low-cost prices to your international customers. USPS does not have volume requirements, however many of the below providers require a minimum amount of daily volume to ship with them.

LTL to Canada and Mexico

iGlobal Stores Checkout and iGlobal Stores API support LTL (less than truckload) shipping calculations. Since many LTL providers do not have an API, iGlobal Stores LTL rating capabilities are essential to calculating rates in Canada and Mexico. We support setting classes for your products, and we determine LTL rates based on weight, dimensions and the Freight Classification. Examples of LTL providers supported would be UPS Freight, FedEx Freight, Yellow, XPO Logistics, YRC Freight, Old Dominion, Estes and more.

3PL’s and Resellers

There are a variety of different Third-party Logistics providers (3PL’s) and authorized carrier resellers. In most cases calculating shipping is achieved by utilizing what is in place for the contracted shipping provider of the carrier or reseller. For example, if you work with InXpress, a DHL reseller, we support DHL rate calculations with a DHL API integration custom DHL rate charts allowing you to calculate rates with your reseller.

UPS International

iGlobal Stores is both a certified UPS Ready and UPS CTP provider. This is a quick reference to how our service levels support UPS international services; it is not a full representation of UPS services or offerings. To enable UPS, you must complete the UPS Ready Registration with iGlobal Stores. Rates by service level can be calculated either from the UPS API or if preferred, custom shipping rates (e.g. custom rate chart) can be used. To obtain the most up to date information on UPS service levels and transit times visit

We support the below UPS International services from a US origin. In-country fulfillment and shipping calculations from additional countries are supported as well as kilos from metric countries.


UPS Countries Transit
UPS Worldwide Express 115 1-3 days
UPS Worldwide Express Saver 220 1-3 days
UPS Worldwide Expedited 220 2-5 days
UPS Standard CA, MX 1-8 days
ABS for UPS Standard CA 1-8 days

UPS Mail Innovations

UPS Mail Innovations Countries Transit Max Weight Tracking
Priority 200+ 4-8 days 66lbs Limited
Economy 200+ 7-14 days 4lbs (64 oz) No Tracking


iGlobal Stores supports all USPS international service levels. However, the most commonly used are Priority and First-Class Package International.

USPS Countries Transit Max Weight Tracking Note*
Global Express Guaranteed 180+ 1-3 days 66lbs Trackable From $62.00, provided by FedEx
Priority Mail Express International 180+ 3-8 days 66lbs Trackable From $40.95, flat rate options available
Priority Mail International 180+ 6-10 days 66lbs Trackable From $23.95, flat rate options available
First-Class Package International 180+ 1-4 weeks 4lbs (64 oz) Limited From $9.03

iGlobal Stores Recommends

USPS or another low-cost mail provider is highly recommended to compliment express carriers and improve conversion. iGlobal Stores supports product value thresholds or custom rules for surfacing USPS services.